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Cat Face Drawing (Florence,Gabrielle) Cat face sketching

Photo Credit: Florence Online

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Cat Drawing (Florence,Gabrielle)One of my hobbies is drawing. I like drawing! I mostly draw at my dad’s house, because all my equipment is there. At my birthday, and at Christmas, I got lots of pencils, paint brushes, erasers, drawing booklets…

I also have an artist- sketch- drawing book. It shows you how to draw, also some techniques, shading, and tracing. Before, I wasn’t really inspired in drawing. So I kept my kit in my wardrobe, all the time. But then, I wanted to try. I picked up my pencil and my booklet, and tried to draw. I got really inspired with all the pictures I saw in the book. I finally realized that it was pretty fun drawing and learning tips. So now, when I’m at my dad’s house, I sometimes take my booklet, go through it, and try to draw. I like drawing!

Do you have any hobbies that you like doing?

Photo Credit: Florence Online

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My school and I went skiing at Bromont. It was a fun, and cool experience. In the morning, we were separated into little groups. I did ski once before, but my mom put me into “Never done ski before” group. So they showed me how to put my skies on, how to brake in a pizza point… I already knew this stuff. So I started going down the little hill, and it was easy. My teacher told me that after, in the afternoon free time skiing, I could go on the other harder beginner hill.

So my class and I went for lunch. We ate, and after my friends “Beatrice, Elena, Elena’s sister, and Lauren decided to form a little group to go skiing together, because it was free time skiing. Paul had to come with us with his snowboard. We all went outside towards the chairs lifts. It was my first time going in a chair lift. It was fun! We were moving on in the chair lift when I realized we were heading to the top of the mountain. The very top. I thought we were going to the smaller mountain, with the chair lift, but no. We were heading to the top. They all had goggles, but not me so my face was freezing cold in the big winter breeze on the top of the mountain. I was a little bit nervous because all my friends thought I was good in ski, but I never went down a big hill like this one. I didn’t even think I was supposed to do it!

At the top of the mountain, my friends were already ready to go, so they already had started to go down. I didn’t have a chance, so I started too. They were all really good, and they went really fast. I only knew how to go in a straight line, and brake with a pizza point. I didn’t know that we had to do some slalom and NEVER go down in a straight line because you will go too fast. So I fell a lot of times. There was a ski patroller that went with me and Elena’s father. They were helping me and showing me how to go down. Another ski patroller continued going down the hill with the other ones to watch them. Elena’s father showed me lots of techniques and he also showed me how to do some slalom. It took me a lot of tries to practice doing it on the hill. I fell a lot.

Bromont (Florence,Gabrielle)

When I was finally done going down the hill, my friends were already there a long time ago. I felt a little bit happy, and a little bit discouraged. I was feeling discouraged because all my friends were really good, and I was just a beginner. But I was also happy because I’ve never done a big hill like this one before. I was happy of myself too, because it was hard, but I continued.

Now, slalom is a lot easier for me and maybe next time I’m going skiing with my friends, I could continue skiing down the with them. I learned a lot of things on one downhill. It was a fun experience!

Did you have any skiing experiences that you were happy about or that you were discouraged about?

Photo Credit: Martin Boyer, Wikipedia

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Last Monday, my family and me went skiing. It was lots of fun! I also went snowboarding last Thursday. It’s harder than skiing! But, it’s fun too. My first time skiing went well. I didn’t fall. But in snowboarding, I fell a couple of times. I had lessons, and my teacher was Alexandre. I didn’t fall when I was with him, because he was helping me. But when I did it alone, I dint stop falling on my back. It hurt for days! It was going really fast, and I had trouble stopping myself! I can’t take my feet out and stop myself, my feet are attached to the snowboard! But I got used to it, and now I try to brake.

Florence (Gabrielle) Snowboarding Picture

My skiing experience went well too! My first time down the hill, I thought I was going to fall a lot like when I was snowboarding, but I didn’t fall. It was a small mountain, because it was our first time skiing. But only my sister who fell in the magic carpet, the one who us up the mountain. My sister tried to back up on the magic carpet, with her skies. One of her skies got stuck in the carpet, and the other was continuing up. She almost did the split. My brother tripped on her skies, and fell too. My mother was a little anxious trying to pick up my brother and my sister. There was a lot of people on the carpet, and it was a long way up. The persons responsible stopped the carpet, and came to help my brother and my sister get their way up. I was pretty embarrassed when I discovered that all the people were looking at us. But it was okay. It was a funny, and interesting experiment!


Alpine Skiing (Florence,Gabrielle)

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Steady Parent School teamworkI find working in a group could be hard or easy, it depends. If you are working with your friends, I find it easier because you know each other more and you agree on more things. But when you are working in a group with people you know less, it could be harder because sometimes you are maybe more different and don’t have the same answers or ideas to a subject. I also learned that when you are working in groups, or teams, you can learn from your mistakes by talking and discussing about all kinds of things with different people. I really like working in groups with my friends especially. I like it because sometimes it’s easier. But sometimes, people put you in groups with people you know less. They do that because they want you to new friends and get use to work with new people, than staying with the same people all the time. But being a friend with someone is not for nothing. When you’re a friend with someone, it’s easier to work because you often have the same ideas to work together.

Do you think working with a friend is better or harder? Why?

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Olympic Rings Wikimedia Commons (Florence,Gabrielle)

I like watching the Olympic Games! I find it interesting when all kinds of different countries join together in one country to show their sports and what they can do. The athletes have been practicing for years, all their life to participate in the Olympics. I would want to go see them, one day.

I’m also interested in Snowboarding! I’ve never done it, but I think it looks fun! Maybe one day, I could learn that sport. I like the way the athletes go down the hill with their snowboard. It looks hard too! They go straight down the hill, really fast, and do all kinds of jumps.

Yesterday, I watched a part of the Olympics. It was men’s Slopestyle Snowboarding. There was a 20 year old Canadian man, who was called Mark McMorris that won a bronze medal for Canada in Slopestyle Snowboarding. He was very impressive! The jumps were so high! He certainly had practiced his whole life to do this. In my opinion, I think snowboarding looks really hard and has lots of techniques… » Continue Reading

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I also have a dog named Guiness. She is very cute and behaves well. Guiness is 3 years old. She’s all black, with pointy ears. Guiness is very scared, every time we move a chair, or drop something on the floor, she runs and goes to hide in her little bed. When Guiness runs, we hear a sound of her paws going “Tic Tic Tic Tic Tic Tic….” It used to be my step-mother’s dog. But now that my step-mother lives with us, Guiness is the kind of family dog…

When I’m at my dad’s in the morning, it’s usually my dog Guiness who comes to wake me up. Also, each time we enter the door of my dad’s condo, Guiness runs to the door to, just like she is saying “Welcome!”. Guiness is very attached to people. She’s not mean at all! When we don’t want her in our way, we just have to tell her to go in her bed, and she goes very quick. When we bring Guiness outside, she runs everywhere, very fast! She doesn’t need a leash outside, if you want, you can call her and she will listen to you. She also used to play with Gertrude, my cat I used to have before. Guiness was running through Gertrude, and sometimes, Gertrude jumped… They were good friends.

Guiness is a good dog!

Do you have any pets that you love and that you like talking about? If so, I would like to know.

My Dog and Cat (Florence, Gabrielle)

Photo Credit: Florence Online

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I also wanted to talk about my cat. Before, I used to have a cute 2 year old cat. She is a little girl. She’s very cute! This cat used to live with different people in my step-mother’s family. But now, she lives with us.

She first came live with us. We called her: Gertrude. My dad chose that name. But other people used to call her: Symone, Marcelle, and Balou. Poor cat! She has the right to be mixed up! Gertrude likes more to sleep the day, and play the night. But sometimes, when we let her alone, she jumps everywhere, attacks my other dog, (by playing), and plays with her little park… She is very active when we let her alone! Sometimes, in the night, when you wake up, Gertrude comes to see you and she purrs a lot! And sometimes, she crawls in my dad’s room, goes on the furniture, and jumps on my father. My father wakes up in a rush.

My cat (Florence, Gabrielle)

But now, we have to give her away to another person in my step-mother’s family… We did that because of my allergies, and other reasons… I was really sad! But what is not so bad, is that we can still see her sometimes because she now lives with other people in my step-mother’s family!

Did you ever had a pet that you liked a lot but that you had do give away, or put to sleep?


Photo Credit: Florence Online

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Today, I’m going to talk about my new puppy I got a month ago. It’s very small, about 20 centimeters long. It’s black, and brown. She is a female. My family and I found her sitting in a box, outside in the cold winter, at the side of the street. She was alone, and waiting. When we found her, she was very sick, and very cold. We didn’t know how long she had stayed in the box. When we put the puppy on the ground, he was trembling and was very hungry. We let her explore the house, and then we gave her a bit of food and water. The first night she slept in our house, she cried a little, but she got used to it. Know, she is 2 times her size! And she’s better. My dad had brought her to the vet, and she’s okay. We chose a name for her, Rebelle.

Florence's New Puppy







Did you ever found an animal abandoned? If so, did you keep it?

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My class mates and me, saw a video about Child Labor. I learned that the Child Labors would work at Carpet-making or Brick-making factories. It seemed very hard for them! They work 12 hours a day. For example, if they started working at 7:00 o’clock in the morning, they would finish work at 7:00 o’clock at night. When I saw them working as Brick-makers in the video, I could imagine the children working so hard and their hands hurting… At Carpet-making, it would be boring to be doing knots and knots, again, and again, for 12 hours a day! When they are working, they don’t even have enough money to eat 3 meals a day! The people don’t even have the chance to go to school.


We also read a book all together. The main character was called Iqbal. The person who was telling the story was called Fatima. The people working also had a master called Husain Khan. Husain khan didn’t seem very nice to them. The people were working so hard and Husain Khan was very mean to them. When Iqbal came and joined the work, he didn’t seem very scared but he was very courageous. Iqbal chose to take his sister’s place to go to work. Maybe he didn’t want his sister to be scared and have bad masters. If my or brother had to go to work as a Child Labor, I would of took my sister’s or my brother’s place. I wouldn’t want my brother or sister to go work 12 hours a day in a Factory or Brick-making place!

One member of my family had to quit school to go to work early. He is my great-grandparent on my mother’s side. He started working at the age of 11 or 12. He worked as a Lumberjack. » Continue Reading

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