Top Two Experiments😊

Really, the two experiments that came up to my mind would be the cells into batteries and the solar hot dog cooker. These two really caught my attention the most.

The hot dog cooker just looked really amazing by looking at the picture, and the cells into batteries were cool too because I first didn’t know that fruits could produce energy! And it would be fun to learn about it. The link to the solar hot dog experiment would be: The cells into batteries I found in a book called: Super Sensational Science Fair projects, pages 54, 55, 56, and 57.

-What would you choose as your top 2 best experiments to do between the three that I mentioned?  

Mini Solar Hot Dog Cooker- Science Fair

My next idea for the science fair came from the internet:

Hot dog, Florence-Solar Hot Dog Cooker: Its a kind of little hot dog cooker that works with the sun, and I find it pretty interesting because its cool to know that you can actually cook food with that little thing. The only thing you have to have to cook the food would be the sun, and of course the other material that they ask for. In my opinion, it would be fun to have your own little hot dog cooker. So it really caught my attention. Would you like to have your own little solar hot dog cooker??

I also have another question: If you had to choose between the “Cells into Batteries”, “Strange Expanding Loop Of Thread”, Solar Hot Dog Cooker”, what would you choose as an experiment?

Cells Into Batteries, Strange Expanding Loop Of Thread – Science Fair

For the science fair, we needed to choose some ideas from books, and some from the internet. I got two from books, and one from the internet.

These would be the two ideas I got from books:

Lemons, Florence-Cells into batteries: They are lemons which create batteries, energy. I chose this because it caught my attention in first place. Its interesting to know that fruit cells can produce energy. Maybe because the cells are really acid… I’m interested to know. This experiment takes place in the book called the Super Sensational Science Fair Projects, pages 54, 55, 56, and 57.

-The Strange Expanding Loop Of Thread: Its a kind of loop, that we place into a bucket of water, placed as the form of a circle. It says that we have to put soap in the middle of the circle (the loop), and the loop will start expanding. The description was kind of weird, and didn’t make sense. So maybe I could understand it if I did the experiment. It caught my attention. This experiment was found in the book called: Amazing Science Experiment, page 73.


Girl’s Volleyball Team

Tomorrow, Sofia, Beatrice, Ariana, Elena, Elena’s sister and I are all going to the volleyball tournament. We need three drivers to go to the tournament, and we only have two! So today we absolutely need to find another driver. Its also our last day to practice, and I really need to improve my volleys before tomorrow’s tournament. Last year, our girl’s volleyball teams won 4th place, and the other team won 12th place. I hope our teams are going to make it that far too!

Volleyball Florence

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Author: Bartekbas

Edublog Nomination

-Best New Student Blog

Danica is another student blogger, and I find her blog really interesting! You should totally go and have a look at her blog, she talks about all kinds of different things. She also has a wonderful post called “Dream Vacation”. Its one of my favorite posts! So you really should go and check it out. Her link is:

-Another best student blog

So now I’m going to have a second vote for another student blog, which is going to be: She is a great blogger, and I would like to nominate her. She has wonderful texts, with beautiful colored pictures. She talks a lot about animals, and different things. So if you like animals you should totally go and visit her blog!


Brave Porcupine Survives After Being Surrounded By 17 Hungry Lions!

I went to a site called Dogo News, and I discovered a post with a picture including a porcupine standing in the middle, with 17 hungry lions surrounding it! It seemed really weird to me, so I decided to go and read it. It said that this little porcupine stayed there for hours surrounded by these lions, without doing anything. The lions were so hungry that one even tried to grip the porcupine, but he got stung. After a long time, the 17 lions finally abandoned and walked away. The porcupine was very brave! Although, they usually don’t have many predators…


-It was mostly because the picture caught my attention, and I was curious to see a porcupine standing in the middle surrounded by 17 lions! So that’s why I chose to read this story.

By the way, here would be the site for Dogo News:

Ready For High School????😃

Hello bloggers, I would really like to talk about HIGH SCHOOL. I don’t know if you 6 graders are ready for high school… Well, I am. I cant wait to go to my future school, which is called Heritage. I have a question for you 6 graders, at what high school do you plan on going to ??  And, are you ready?? So I plan on going into the program called visual arts. I’ve always loved arts, and I always loved drawing since I was small. Also, what I like about Heritage High School is how much they are organized. Its a very big school compared to my elementary school. And all the people who went there all said good comments about that school.

Heritage Huskies

Now, I am going to talk about MY elementary school. Its called St. Lawrence School. Some of the special things we have are hot lunches, and pizza lunches. Each Wednesday, we can pay to have a pizza for lunch. Or every day of the week, we can pay to have hot lunches.

We also have teams like touch football teams, or volleyball teams… And these teams get go to play against other people in other schools.

Also, we have Halloween dances, Valentines dances, and Spring dances. They are kind of like after school parties, to have fun and celebrate. Its to have fun, and enjoy the time by dancing with your friends. You can also by foods, or sodas such as Coca Cola, or 7-up.

We have Fun day at the end of the year when we celebrate the last week of school­. 😎 Its a day where we play outside games all day long, and where we have a fire truck coming to spray us. We also have Mr. Freezes  and popsicles. And we also have Winter Carnival day. It takes place in winter, and we play games outside all day long in the snow.

These are some of the special things that take place in St. Lawrence school.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Author: Heritage High School