Looking For A Good Book? 📖

Wolf Brother, Book Blurb, FlorenceLooking for a mysterious book, filled with excitement and adventure? Wolf Brother is the perfect book for you!

-Torak’s father is lying on the ground, dead. Now Torak needs to find a way to survive alone, in the heart of the forest. On his way, he finds a wolf cub. He decides to bring him on his journey.

Get ready to live a fun experience with Torak and his wolf!

Favorite Animal~🐺

Hi guys!! Sorry, it has been very long since I have been blogging…  Today, I’m going to talk to you about my favorite animal.

My favorite animal is the wolf. One thing I like about them would be their fur. It looks so fluffy, and you always feel like petting them. There are white wolves, gray, brown, black… Another thing that I find really cool about these canines would be their big round eyes. EyesEspecially in the dark, they glow, really special!! Or when they howl at the moon. I find these creatures really different compared to the others.

Wolf, Florence OnlineNow I am going to talk to you about the gray wolf. Males average weight is 43-45 kg (95-99 lbs.), and females usually weigh around 36-38 kg (79-85 lbs.) In the winter, their fur get long and bushy, with a grayish color, although its sometimes nearly pure white, with red, or brown to black. Wolf’s closest relative would be the domestic dog. The gray wolf is one of the best known animal on earth.



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What To Do With $1 Billion Dollars??? 💵

Hollywood, Florence OnlineHello fellow bloggers, today, our teacher asked us to write about a writing prompt of our choice. I chose the one where we need to say what we would do with $1 billion dollars. What I would do, would be to give some money to the poor, build a homeless shelter for the homeless people, and go on vacation with my family. I would go on vacation to lots of places with my friends and family, like Mexico, Cuba, Disney World, Miami, New York, Paris, London, San Francisco, Hollywood… All sort of places!

Florence Online, Paris Mexico, Florence Online  San Francisco, Florence Walt Disney World, Florence OnlineMiami, Florence Online





Movie CameraSince I was small, I’ve always liked to make small movies with my camera. I would ask my family and friends if they wanted to participate in my movie, then I would choose where it would take place, organize a date to start filming, finish the film, and make the montage on my grandparents special computer. 1f4f7-google-androidAnd then, I would show the movie to all of my family. I’ve always loved doing that!! Clapper BoardSo, with my $1 billion dollars, I would also want to buy special backgrounds, sound effects, media effects, a special software to make my movies, special cameras, my own computer, and all sort of special materials to film.

I have a question for you guys, what would YOU do with $1 billion dollars???

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Authors: (Picture 1: Hollywood) Sörn

(Picture 2: Paris) Benh LIEU SONG,

(Picture 3: Miami) Brian W. Schaller,

(Picture 4: Mexico) Bill Fauth,

(Picture 5: San Francisco) Urban (talk | contribs),

(Picture 6: Disney World) Cuauh34.


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Nightmare At School

I went to see a video called Nightmare At School. Its a video with characters who don’t talk, and its about a boy who is scared of school. Here would be what I think about this video:

-In this video, we see that the boy is scared to do a presentation in front of the class. He is scared to do it because during all the video, he was running around, confused, trying to escape. And then, at the end, it was his turn to present, and we see his friend encouraging him. Then, he presents and feels happy about it at the end. He was maybe just very nervous. The boy is also afraid of the principle. Because during the video, the boy was being chased by someone who looked like the chef of the building. Also, I realized that when the little boy goes into the “chef’s office”, and when he sees the pictures of the kids (his friends) who got older, and graduated, and when he sees himself, he discovers that he didn’t change. He stayed the same. He’s the only one who stayed as a kid, which means he never graduated, another one of his fears. And when he sees that everybody has grown older, and that the principle is playing violin, and then flying to the sky, that maybe means that the principle dies at this time.



Some things that are not normal in this video, would be the stairs. It looks like there are millions of floors in this building, almost never ending. The stairs criss-cross each other, and go in every directions. Even upside down! Another thing that would be weird is the train. At the beginning, when the boy goes to school by train. First of all, we usually (it depends) don’t go to school by train. Second of all, the train is made out of houses. Each wagon is a house that contains an individual kid. And when the train arrives to school, the doors of the houses open automatically like a normal train. Another thing would be when the boy is doing his presentation. He’s like flying in the classroom. And I discovered that one of his friends likes cars, and the other one likes animals. And the boy himself likes science. I also discovered that when the principle is playing violin, he is playing the same music that wakes up the boy at the end. And we see a clock next to it that indicates 8:01. Maybe the boy’s usual time to wake up for school is 8:00. So what happened is that the boy was dreaming, then he heard his clock ring (that is when the  principle playing violin) stopped his clock, continued dreaming. And when you hear the violin song a second time, that is where his clock rings again, and the boy wakes up for real. His clock indicates 8:21, he is late for school. Another proof that he’s late for school: we see his friends outside, already ready for school, waiting for him. Also, we see that the two friends at the end, were in his dream. Another thing that would be weird: in a part of his dream, the boy is very tiny. He is so small that the people are like giants for him. But then, just like that, he changes into his usual size. Weird.

Movie : Catherine Arcand in 2007

Click Here if you would be interested into seeing the video.

Photo Credit: Google Images

My Legs

My Legs

 With my legs…

I can swim and longboard,

I can jump off the diving board,

I can run and look at the blue sky,

I can jump really high,

Without my legs, life wouldn’t be as fun,

Because I wouldn’t be able to swim,

Longboard, jump, and run

Moving To New York

Moving To New York

 Date: Monday, the 27th of October, 1953, Carson City

My kitten Minky started licking my face until I woke up. I looked around me, and my room was filled with darkness. I looked at the clock, and it indicated 2:37 a.m. I still had a couple of hours to sleep before school started. I looked at the ceiling, and closed my eyes. Right away, I remembered that Halloween was coming fast. I couldn’t wait to get all that candy! I opened my eyes and saw light coming from the window. BOOM!! That was the sound of a thunder, and then I heard the wind getting stronger and stronger. Minky got scared and jumped off my bed. I got up, and look out the opened window. The sky was so dark that it was hard for me to be able to see anything. Then, I heard a couple of rain drops that started to get louder and rougher. I could hear the rain banging on the roof of the house. I was about to close my window when the phone rang. I went to get it.

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Alex Colville – Horse And Train

In class we were working on art appreciation, we had to choose a painting in a little book. I chose this one because the painting looked so mysterious to my eyes. The colors are really dark, we see a train coming, and a horse walking towards it on the rails. This is a very unusual picture, this is why it caught my attention first. We can see rails, a horse, and a train coming out of the horizon. There is some action going on, and the questions that people would probably ask each other, “Why would the horse walk towards the train? What is going to happen?”. It really caught my attention. “Against a regiment I oppose a brain, and a dark horse against an armored train.”  -Alex Colville

Here would be some of my first impressions:

I looked through all of the paintings, and that one had something different. Dark colors. The colors are so dark that we cant tell whether its a painting or not. There’s a horse, rails, and a train. I thought for a moment, looked at the horse, and tolled myself, ” The horse looks courageous, sure of what he’s doing.”. the train looks like its coming really fast, what is going to happen?

The painting is so dark that we can’t even tell what colors Alex Colville used. And why would the horse want to go towards the train? We wouldn’t see that in real life… Anyways, that painting has something different. It’s very unusual. Also, we can see that the clouds have a weird shape, dispersed. They have a mix of warm and cold colors. A kind of orange, mixed with some blue. We can also see the train’s smoke going up in the sky, mixing with the clouds colors. Very special!
Alex Colville-Horse and Train, Florence









Now, I am going to talk to you about the artist, Alex Colville.

Alex Colville

David Alexander Colville was a famous Canadian painter. He worked with Modern Art, Precisionist, and Photo Realism.

Early Life

He was born the 24th of August in 1920 at Toronto, Ontario. He went to Mount Allison University from 1938 to 1942, and then graduated with a bachelor of Fine Arts. Alex Colville went to war for two years, and because he was a Fine Arts student, he got inspired, and was a war artist. He continued on to tours in the Netherlands and Germany, where he was also asked to show or represent the horrors of the Bergen-Belsen Concentration Camp.


After the war, he returned to New Brunswick and became a member of the Fine Arts Department at Mount Allison University where he taught from 1946 to 1963. He left his teaching to spend more time painting, print-making full-time from studio in his home (York Street, now named Colville house).

In 1966, the works made by Colville, along with other works made by Yves Gaucher and Sorel Etrog went to represent Canada at the Venice Biennale.

He died the 16th of July 2013 at Wolf Ville, Nova Scotia.

Here would be two other art works made by the same artist:


Alex Colville, Dog And Bridge













I find that this art work kind of looks like “Horse and Train”. Except that there is no train, and the dog is facing us, walking alone on the rails. I wonder why the dog is walking on the rails, on the bridge.  Maybe it just wants to cross the river to get to the other side. Its weird to see a German shepherd walking alone, without anything else with him. Just alone.

The dog has no necklace, and he is standing alone. So it’s for sure that he has no master, and that he is a stray dog. Maybe he escaped, and used to have a master, who knows? Another thing that this painting has in common with Horse and Train would be the clouds. Alex Colville has a very special way of designing clouds. They are all dispersed around in the air, and they look like leopard spots. The sky has a kind of pinkish, orange color. Like if it was a very early morning, or like a late afternoon sunset.

This was painted in 1976, by Alex Colville.


Here would be the second one:

Alex Colville, Prairy Dog








I find that this painting is also pretty interesting. It is kind of obvious that there is a dog in the painting. There is also a forest at the back, and some snow on the ground. You know in late winter, early spring when the snow always melts and only a thin layer of it stays? Well, it kind of looks like that period of the year. We can also see that the dog has a collar. So he is domesticated. We can see the movement that his body’s doing. It’s like if he was going in a direction, and then he’s turning to head the other way. Also, I can see that his eyes are unusual… The only colors that Alex Colville used to make this dog would be orange, black, and white. And the special thing about that dog would be his eyes, a complete orange. We rarely see dogs with orange eyes. The shape of his eye is kind of triangular, and the dog looks like it’s going to jump on his prey. Actually, he looks like a fox going to attack its prey. Like if he was walking super slowly, looking straight at it, ready to jump. The expression on his face really looks serious.

We can see that Alex Colville really likes to make paintings of animals!

These weren’t my first impressions. It took me a while to discover all of these things. When you see a painting, just stay there and look at it very closely. I bet your going to discover things that you didn’t noticed before. The painting could get really interesting when you look at it for a while!



Hey fellow bloggers!! A couple of days ago, my friends and I went to try out for the basketball team. Some days we thought we did pretty good, but other days we thought we could of done better. We were about 21 girls who tried out. But only 10 girls were going to be accepted.Today, I went to check who made it in, and I saw that Sofia, Bonnie, Julliette, Roxy, and I made it in!! I cant wait to go to Heritage school to play against other schools!! We are supposed to be going to Heritage High School (my future high school!!) the 30th of January. I cant wait!! ;-)

Basketball (Florence) Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Does Eye Color Affect The Ability To see In Low Light??

For the Science Fair, I found this cool experiment on the internet that will evaluate whether a person’s eye color affects the ability to identify colors in low light. Here would be all the information needed to do the experiment:

Question: Does eye color affect a person’s ability to identify colors in low light?

Hypothesis: I think that light eyed colored people see better in low light.

Does eye color affect our ability to see things? In this experiment we will be comparing how well people with dark eyed color or light eyed color see in low light.


  • Approximately      45 test subjects (15 with blue eyes, 15 with green eyes, 15 with brown      eyes)
  • 1      medium-sized room
  • Blindfold
  • Colored      construction paper
  • Tape
  • Notebook      for recording results

Experimental Procedure:

  1. Take      all your test subjects with blue, green, and brown eyes. Make sure that      your test subjects should be around the same age and should not wear      contact lenses or glasses.
  2. Take a      couple of colored construction paper, and tape them to a wall on the far      side of the room.
  3. Be      sure that the room should have a little bit of light inside.
  4. Stand      him or her on the opposite side of the construction papers.
  5. When      the door to the room is closed, remove the blindfold from the person and      tell them to immediately identify the colors of the construction papers on      the opposite side of the room.
  6. Record      their answers.
  7. After      they are done, ask them to identify the colors again.
  8. Record      their new answers.
  9. Repeat      steps 4-8 with each of your test subjects.
  10. Check      your results and calculate the percentage of colors named correctly by      each test subject the first time, and the second time. Do you observe      differences between blue, brown and green eyed colored people? Which eye      color has the most accurate results the first time? The second time?