My Family On September 11th 2001

September_11th_WTC_View_From_Jersey_City_9-2001[1]-On September 11th 2001, my mother was working that morning. She works in a hospital, in physiotherapy. She was going to get a patient for her physio session, when somebody yelled out: “The U.S is under attack!!”. Everyone stopped talking and somebody asked him: “What do you mean?”. He answered: “A plane just crashed in the Twin Towers!!”. One of the nurses wheeled a T.V. in the waiting room. Everyone was speechless. You could hear a pin drop. Dismay is all you could see on people’s faces. She still remebers that gloomy day!

-On the other hand, my dad works as en electro mechanic teacher to adults. He was at work going to the cafeteria, when he saw a lot of T.Vs opened. Somebody walked up to him and tolled him, ”Airplanes just crashed in the Twin Towers!!”. My dad and a lot of people looked confused and didn’t quit understand.

-My step-mother was in secondary 5, in her French class. When that happened, one teacher heard that on the radio and told every other adults in the school, who turned on all of the radios and T.Vs for the bigger kids to hear.

-My grandmother was at work that day. She used to work as an X-ray technician at the hospital at the emergency room. A technician, like her, walked up to everybody and told them all that the Twin Towers got crashed by airplanes. (The technician must of had heard that from the radio or something). Another technician was very worried for her son, because he was heading to New York in his office in one of the Twin Towers! When my grandmother heard that, she chose to wait until the night at her house to watch the news. When she got home that night, she decided to go biking because if she would look at the news, she would not be very comfortable for the next days. So when she was on her bike, she saw NOBODY out in the streets. Everybody was watching the news. At that time, she decided to go open her T.V. It was horrible the images you could see on the T.V. Almost every telecast posts were filled with these news. She wasn’t in a good mood enough to eat her supper.

-My grandfather was at work too. (He used to work as a math collage teacher). He was preparing to teach a new lesson when somebody told him about the Twin Towers. And again, everybody opened the T.Vs and radios till people got enough.





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I’m Back :-)

Hey everyone! I’m back!! So starting from now, I will continue on writing posts regularly. My Smiley Facesummer was very exciting, how about yours? But now, the cold temperatures have already started, and summer’s almost over!


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Summer has finally arrived!!! Everybody is getting excited, and lots of people are leaving to go on vacation, like me. So I’m probably not going to post another post until September… I am planning to go to a beach in New Jersey, Sea Isle City. I am also planning to go do some camping with my dad. I’m probably going to La Ronde with my friends. What are you guys planning to do this summer?  I wish you guys a great summer, enjoy!!!





Did You Know?

Did you know that…..

-11% of people are left handed

-August has the highest percentage of births

-A bear has 42 teeth

-An ostrich’s eye is bigger than its brain

-The Hawaiian alphabet has 12 letters

-The longest recorded flight of a chicken was 13 seconds

-The most commonly used letter in the alphabet is E

-The least used letter in the alphabet is Q

-A cat has 32 muscles in each ear

-Cats spend 66% of their lives sleeping

-Lemons contain more sugar than strawberries

-Birds need gravity to swallow

-Dreamt is the only word that ends in mt

-Sound travels almost 5 times faster underwater than in the air

-Koalas sleep around 18 hours a day

-African grey parrots have vocabulairies over 200 words

-All the blinking in one day equates to having your eyes closed for 30 minutes

-If you add up all numbers from 1 to 100 consecutively (1+2+3…) it totals 5050

-Fire usually moves faster uphill than downhill

-Cats have over 100 vocal cords


I found all of these fun facts on a sight called


















A place I would NEVER want to go visit would be Afghanistan. Its a poor, and dangerous country. I think there are too much rules, and that your not well protected. Children dont go to school, and girls have less rights. Over there, you need to work for a poor quantity of money. If you are a girl, you always need to wear a burqa and you have less rights.

Afghanistan Florence

Here, were free, we go to school to learn, and we have good foods. We are very lucky to live in a country like that compared to other people that dont have enough money to buy food, or that dont have the chance to go to school, like in Afghanistan. We are protected well. In Afghanistan, alot of people die and are being arrested for nothing. These people arent happy of their lives. Sometimes, I just wish they would be able to get free. That’s why I would NEVER want to go visit Afghanistan!

What place would you NEVER want to go visit???


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Basketball is one of my favorite sports. I like to practice at home with my dad. My dad plays basketball in a team and he learns me all kinds of ways to play it, tricks, techniques…  One day, I would like to play in a team also. When I go to my friend’s house, we like to go play the game “21″. We play that outside in her street. Also, when we are more people, we divide each other into teams and we play basketball. I usually play basketball after school , or on weekends.   Basketball is a great and fun sport to learn and practice!

Basketball (Florence)

What kind of sport do you like? 

Summer Special Vacations

With my dad, in summer, we usually choose to go spend our time going to do camping. We reserve earlier, after when its time, we pack up and we go. Over there, there are a lot of activities going on in the lakes and on the streets. There are a lot of people swimming in the lakes, driving golf carts, doing activities outside… Every time there’s always a lot of things going on at the same time. The restaurants are small, but there are a lot. Usually in the mornings we get up at whatever time we want, and we eat our breakfast outside on the picnic table, after, we get dressed and go to the beach to swim in the lake. Later in the afternoon we go to play sports in the fields and in the parks. Every time we go camping, we bring our dogs with us. They sometimes stay attached to the tent while we go do some activities, but they usually come with us. At the camping place, we stay 4 days.


With my mom, in summer, we usually go spend our time in a place where there are beaches. We go to a place called, “Sea Ilse City”. It’s in USA in New Jersey. Over there, there are beaches and an ocean. There are boardwalks restaurants and shops. It’s much bigger and further then our camping vacations. We start: We pack up, the next morning around 6:30 a.m. we leave. We go there by car and we usually stop 2 times at the restaurant for lunch and dinner. Around 4:30 p.m., we always stop at the same hotel beside the driveway. It’s a very fun hotel. I always go to Sea Ilse City with all my mom’s family. In the hotel, there is an indoor pool and a spa. When we get to the hotel, we rest a little bit in our room and after we put on our bathing suits on and we go swimming in the pool, then in the spa, then in the pool… After, we go eat dinner at the restaurant (in the hotel) and choose our menu. After dinner, we go swimming around 9:30 p.m. The next morning, we get up earlier, and if we have time, we can go one last time in the pool and in the spa. Then, we continue our ride to Sea Ilse City in our car.
About 4 or 5 hours later, we finally reach the bridge that leads to our place. When we get there, we go to the house we reserved and get ready to go to the beach. It maybe takes us 10 to 20 minutes of walk to get to the beach. The beach is very big. There are some ice-cream men delivering all kinds of sweats from 25 cents to 4 dollars. When we go to swim in the ocean there are huge waves and me and my uncle go together. Sometimes, when a wave is coming, we go under the water and were pushed by the wave, or we sometimes jump and were being pushed all the way back to the beach. We eat lunch at the beach, and we stay there almost all morning and afternoon. When were tired of the beach, we go back to our house. Our reserved house has 4 floors and is very old but is very big. I sleep upstairs, and we can see the beach and the ocean from my window. We sometimes all go on the balcony. We enjoy that time by talking and discussing about our vacation.

Shell (Florence)
We stay to Sea Isle City for one week each year. Every time we go there, we choose one day to go spend our time going to the amusement park with roller coasters. All day long we spend our day on rides. In USA, (for e.g. Sea Ilse City), when we go to the amusement park, you pay (for e.g.) 50 dollars for 50 tickets or you pay 100 dollars for 100 tickets… The little rides cost about 2 to 5 tickets and the bigger rides cost about 6 to 12 tickets. The cost is not on how much time you spend at the amusement park, so you can stay how long you want, but when you are out of tickets, you can’t do rides anymore. We also choose one night in our week to go to the arcade. Around 7:30 p.m. or 8:30 p.m. we usually go walk on the boardwalks and go in all kinds of shops, with some objects that have been made by hand.  They are called “Souvenirs Shops” to remember the place you went to. We also go take an ice-cream and go to see shows in the streets. In that part of the USA, “Hermit Crabs” are very popular. They are crabs with shells on their backs. People in USA like to paint their shells. The hermit crabs are being put into big cages in the streets. They are really not expensive over there (2$) compared to Canada (15$-30$). When people walk in the streets, they see the hermit crabs in the big cages with all kinds of colors, patterns, designs… (On their shells). There are some big and small. Over here, our popular pets are like dogs, cats, birds… But over there, it looks like their popular pets are hermit crabs!
Anyway, it’s an awesome place to visit. Every time we’ve got to go back home, I find it really sad because Sea Ilse City became a kind of familiar place for me now. This summer 2014, it’s going to be my third time going there.

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Do you have any vacation you like to go to? If so, tell me about it.



When I’m Bored…

When I’m bored, I sometimes like to go sit on the couch and watch a little bit of T.V. Other times, I just like to go put on my earphones to listen to music on my iPod. When I’m listening to music, either I go on skateboarding and longboarding, or I just go on the computer to watch videos. I also like to call my friends to go to the park, I usually go to the park beside my house, or sometimes another park close to my friend’s house in Candiac… Or we just like to stay home to go in the pool, to play sports like basketball, volleyball… Other times, I just like to go walk outside alone to watch the sky, and enjoy the temperature.

Music Note Florence





The Un-Finished Story

“Open it!” said Emily. “Mom said to never open that door, or else…” shouted Tommy. “Or else what?” “I don’t know Emily, but we shouldn’t open- Too late. Emily had turned the door knob of the basement door, and here they were, staring into the darkness.

Door Knob (Florence)


-How could the story continue?




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Summer’s The Best!!!

TulipsMy favorite season is summer. It’s summer because I like the temperature and I like the free time. We can go swimming in the pool, party all night long and we could go outside all the time. I also like it when we go on vacation. We play outside with friends and family all day long. I like summer because I have the chance to go longboarding and skateboarding with my friends. We have lots of fun and we like to go to the park together. Each year we go on vacation at Sea Isle City, New Jersey. We like to go swim in the ocean and in the waves. It’s a fun season filled with activities and free time.

What is your favorite season?



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