Child Labor Pt.2 | Blog Action Day 2014 | Edublog Challenge 4


Some children in the world are not happy of their lives. Here in Canada, we are very lucky. Some children in child labor have to work for a very long time, very hard, for a poor amount of money. They get taken away from their families, and they don’t see them for years. There are some children under 5 years old who go to child labor! They are forced to work weather they want or not.

Unlike us, they don’t have the chance to:

-Education (People will think they are stupid, less intelligent, and some people wont want to treat them equally like other people because they are stupid. The child labor children also wont know how most of things work, and what is happening around the world if they don’t have education.

-The normal quantity of food (They are going to get sick and maybe even die if they get not enough of food.)

-Family, care (No family to take care of them, to stand up for them, or to protect them from bad people and cold temperatures, and even sicknesses.

-Normal quantity of money for amount of time they work. (They need the money to buy food, and other things they need. They need the money for their families.)

-Friends, friendship (No people to talk with, to share ideas + personal things to, or to trust. No people to have fun with, and to share your opinions with. They are not aloud to have friends or to talk to anyone beside them.

-Health + Medication (They can get really sick, or they can get allergies with all the dust they breath, and their bosses don’t even care. Their families would. The child labor children could have big blisters, it could get infected, and they could die.)

-The government should provide extra money for the children of families in need.


Scared Or Not? /Edublogs Challenge 3

Blainville, Quebec, Canada

A boy named Patrick was invited to visit this haunted house in Blainville. He went to it and when he went to the second floor, in the office, he could feel somebody staring at him. There was a lot of ghosty vibes present in that office and the vibes were that of a man. He started seeing the back of a human head. It was the quarters of a man’s back head side. He had short white hair. The age that came up to him was about 55 to 60. He also took some pictures of a burst mode shot moving orb in the living room.

Bachorza, dwór A-259.jpg

-Maybe the moving orb was just the reflection of a watch?

A girl one day was driving to work, took a short cut, and picked up a man on her way because he needed a ride. The place where she picked him up was called Dead Man’s Curve. The man asked her for a cigarette. She said she was sorry because she didn’t smoke. Then the man started getting all rough, so she told him to get off. Then she started driving again, looked in her rear view mirror, the man was there, but this time with no eyes.

-Maybe the girl just saw the man fast, and maybe her mirror was just dirty?

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons


All About Dogs I Would Like To Have:-) | Edublogs Challenge 2

I would like to write a follow up post for Ocean ( . Most of her posts are about dogs, and it inspired me.

I always loved dogs. All my life, I wanted to have a German Shepard,   a Jack Russell, a Pomeranian, and a Pomsky.

I would like to have a German Shepard because I love big dogs, 800px-15_Weeks_Old_German_Shepard_Maleand these kind of dogs listen well. They are the kind of police dogs. Most of them are calm, and they always protect their master.

I would like to have a Jack Russell because, I think these little dogs are really cute with their little ears. There are a lot of Jac698px-Jack_Russell_Jackiek Russells  that play in movies.


I would like a Pomeranian because I find these dogs one of the most adorable. They haveA_black_&_tan_Pomeranian_thats_losted_an_eye_due_to_an_infection
thick fluffy fur, and they are so small!



I would also like to have a Pomsky. I think that most of you guys are asking yourselves what is a Pomsky. A Pomsky is a mixed Huskie and Pomeranian. I find their fur really beautiful,  they are small, fluffy, and look half Pomeranian, and Huskie.

I didn’t put a Pomsky picture, because I couldn’t find one.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons


The Unexpected – Ch. 1

-Kristy was coming home from school that night. All she wanted was to get some sleep. She had had a big day of Cross Country. They had to run for 4 kilometers, and Kristy won third place. Her best friend Cathleen had finished second place because she had been pushed by Clair. Clair wasn’t one of Kristy’s friends, not at all.

Clair had blond hair, she was tall, and very athletic. Each time Clair found one of Kristy’s notebooks, she would toss it from side to side, and then would shove it on the wall. It would be the same thing when Clair would find Kristy walking alone in the hallway with her bag full of homework. She would push Kristy on the ground, and her homework would go flying through the hallway. Since the first day of kindergarten it was like that for Kristy. Clair had pulled Kristy’s hair, and ripped her favorite toy out of her hands. Since that day, Kristy had tried to keep herself as far as possible from Clair.

So here Kristy was, sitting at the kitchen table , trying to get her homework done to get some sleep. But she was stuck on the same question. She looked at the question a few times, but couldn’t answer it. Then she looked at the clock, she read 4:30 p.m. Her parents should already be at home by that time. At that same moment, she heard a CRACK! It was coming from the attic. She dropped her pencil, and heard a second CRACK, a bit louder this time. Then, the small afternoon breeze filled the silence. Kristy just realized she was getting chills. She looked at her homework for awhile, and then got up and went up the stairs, all the way to the third floor, then unfold the attic stairs, and took a deep breath. She went up the stairs one by one. Then Kristy opened the small door, peeked with one eye, but saw nothing. Only dust. She slipped through the tiny door, coughed a few times, and fear came up to her.

To be continued


NFL Violence In Past Three Weeks!!

An NFL football player named Ray Rice did a very bad thing to his wife in his private life, not long ago. He was in the elevator with his wife, and they started to have a fight. Ray Rice smacked his wife, and when they arrived at the bottom floor, Ray Rice trained his wife by her feet because she was knocked out.

Adrian Peterson also plays for the NFL. What he did was no good at all. In his private life, he took his 4 year old son and started smacking him on the legs with a thin branch. He did that a lot of times and after his son was filled with many blisters. The NFL players shouldn’t do this, because they have many fans that they give the example to.

My first impression of these cases was that I thought the people should punish them by not letting them play their NFL games, Continue reading

Check Out Ocean’s Blog :-) | Edublog Challenge 2

You like animals? You should go visit Ocean’s  blog. She really loves dogs, and talks a lot about them. If you like dogs, well that would be a good site to visit. So go ahead and check out her site!

Here is her blog address:                                

PomeranianPhoto Credit: (Picture from Ocean’s Blog)


Evil or Live?

I don’t know if any of you realized that if you put evil backwards, it makes live?? And if you put devil backwards, it makes lived? I find that a little creepy… I don’t know who came up with these words, devil and evil, and I don’t know if they knew what it made backwards. Maybe it was meant to be like that? For example: If you take the words evil and live, it could make Live Evil. And if you add up the words devil and lived, it could make: The devil lived. Or maybe, the person who came up with these words didn’t even know about the backward words.

-Evil is more than bad, way more. For me, evil is not a word I like. I don’t like it because it doesn’t mean any good. Its the complete opposite of good. Bad is not even close to evil, its way far behind. Evil has never really been a word that interested me. Only when I discovered that it made live backwards. It caught my attention.

My Family On September 11th 2001

September_11th_WTC_View_From_Jersey_City_9-2001[1]-On September 11th 2001, my mother was working that morning. She works in a hospital, in physiotherapy. She was going to get a patient for her physio session, when somebody yelled out: “The U.S is under attack!!”. Everyone stopped talking and somebody asked him: “What do you mean?”. He answered: “A plane just crashed in the Twin Towers!!”. One of the nurses wheeled a T.V. in the waiting room. Everyone was speechless. You could hear a pin drop. Dismay is all you could see on people’s faces. She still remebers that gloomy day! Continue reading