Reflection On My Blog

Hi everyone I’m back!!

So today I’m going to be doing a reflection on my blog. First, Im going to get started by talking about the skills I learned.

First of all, I learned how to build opinion posts.

Before, I would write more like informational posts, or posts about animals… I wouldn’t really write my own opinion on it. But as the time passed by, my teacher made us do opinion posts, and I got more and more inspired. For example, one of my strongest opinion posts would be “Nightmare At School”.

Another thing I learned to do would be commenting. Before, I only knew how to build posts on my blog. But again, my teacher showed me how to go on other people’s blogs to visit and comment. So I practiced commenting with time and now Ìm at the point where I can build quality comments.

Also, I learned how to attract people’s attention.

I know that colorful, exciting posts does attract attention. So all you need to add to your post to catch people’s attention, are colorful pictures and exciting titles. Then, the people that visit your blog will see your posts, and try doing the same thing in their blog. Also, you need to put a lot of life, power into your writing. So people wont get bored while reading your posts.

I’m also going to talk about other people’s blogs.

People that write stories, personal stuff, or opinion posts on their blogs would be blogs that I enjoy reading. The types of themes I really like would be colorful, bright themes. I find they’re the most exciting and attractive. What I like is when you enter a blog, and a bright, colorful theme welcomes you. Then you look at the posts, and the titles attract your attention, so you feel like reading all of the blog. After reading the blog, you feel inspired, and you feel like making big quality comments.

And finally, what I like about blogging.

What I like about blogging, is that you can express yourself. When you feel like writing about something, you just have to go to your blog and start writing about the things you want to write about. Or, you can even write about something and ask people’s opinions about it. Another thing I like about blogging would be the free writing. No one is there to tell you what to do, or what to write. You just go ahead and write what you want, what you feel to.





Science Fair- Almost Done!!

Hey there!!

So now, I’m almost done my science fair steps. As you know, its been a long time that I did my experiment. But before doing my experiment, I found out the experimental procedure asked of me to test on 15 people with blue eyes, 15 with brown eyes, and 15 with green eyes, but this was not an easy task. So I changed it a little bit, because I couldn’t find that many people, and people with green eyes are rarely found, so I eliminated green eyed people. I decided to take 3 people with blue eyes, and 3 people with brown eyes. I also decided to divide my people into groups because the experimental procedure asked me to test it on people around the same age, and my people are not the same age, they are in different age categories. So here is how I set it up:

Group 1 (Older Age Adults)

-Test subject #1 (blue eyes)

-Test subject #2 (brown eyes)


Group 2 (Middle Age Adults)

-Test subject #1 (blue eyes)

-Test subject #2 (brown eyes)


Group 3 (Younger Age)

Test subject #1 (blue eyes)

-Test subject #2 (brown eyes)

So I had to write all of the changes I’ve made to my experiment in my experimental procedure information sheet. It took me quite a long time to figure out how to explain it, but this weekend, I finished typing up all of my data, I printed them out, with some pictures to represent my board. And now, the only step I have left would be to finish gluing my data on my board. And I also decided to draw an eye diagram to stick beside my research. After this is done, I will be done everything!!




Experiment- What is left??

So in this post, I will write about my things to do before the science fair, with my experiment, “Does Eye Color Affect The Ability To See In Low Light?”. I already did my experiment, so the only things I have left to do would be…

-The first thing that I will need to do will be to go to the dollar store to buy my poster board, this weekend, on Sunday.

-The second thing to do would be to type up my results, my data, (What I collected while doing my experiment), my hypothesis, my conclusion…

-The third thing would be to print images of eyes (in colors) to represent my board.

And these are about all of the things I need to do. The science fair is the 26th of March, so I will need to work on these steps. This weekend, on Saturday, I will type up all of my information, on Sunday, I will start my poster board. (If I’m not done, I will continue on the next weekend in my free time). And if I have free time at school, I will continue typing up my information. (It would be too complicated to bring my poster board at school, then home…).

So, these are my steps!


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Looking For A Good Book? 📖

Wolf Brother, Book Blurb, FlorenceLooking for a mysterious book, filled with excitement and adventure? Wolf Brother is the perfect book for you!

-Torak’s father is lying on the ground, dead. Now Torak needs to find a way to survive alone, in the heart of the forest. On his way, he finds a wolf cub. He decides to bring him on his journey.

Get ready to live a fun experience with Torak and his wolf!

Favorite Animal~🐺

Hi guys!! Sorry, it has been very long since I have been blogging…  Today, I’m going to talk to you about my favorite animal.

My favorite animal is the wolf. One thing I like about them would be their fur. It looks so fluffy, and you always feel like petting them. There are white wolves, gray, brown, black… Another thing that I find really cool about these canines would be their big round eyes. EyesEspecially in the dark, they glow, really special!! Or when they howl at the moon. I find these creatures really different compared to the others.

Wolf, Florence OnlineNow I am going to talk to you about the gray wolf. Males average weight is 43-45 kg (95-99 lbs.), and females usually weigh around 36-38 kg (79-85 lbs.) In the winter, their fur get long and bushy, with a grayish color, although its sometimes nearly pure white, with red, or brown to black. Wolf’s closest relative would be the domestic dog. The gray wolf is one of the best known animal on earth.



What would be your favorite animal???? Continue reading

What To Do With $1 Billion Dollars??? 💵

Hollywood, Florence OnlineHello fellow bloggers, today, our teacher asked us to write about a writing prompt of our choice. I chose the one where we need to say what we would do with $1 billion dollars. What I would do, would be to give some money to the poor, build a homeless shelter for the homeless people, and go on vacation with my family. I would go on vacation to lots of places with my friends and family, like Mexico, Cuba, Disney World, Miami, New York, Paris, London, San Francisco, Hollywood… All sort of places!

Florence Online, Paris Mexico, Florence Online  San Francisco, Florence Walt Disney World, Florence OnlineMiami, Florence Online





Movie CameraSince I was small, I’ve always liked to make small movies with my camera. I would ask my family and friends if they wanted to participate in my movie, then I would choose where it would take place, organize a date to start filming, finish the film, and make the montage on my grandparents special computer. 1f4f7-google-androidAnd then, I would show the movie to all of my family. I’ve always loved doing that!! Clapper BoardSo, with my $1 billion dollars, I would also want to buy special backgrounds, sound effects, media effects, a special software to make my movies, special cameras, my own computer, and all sort of special materials to film.

I have a question for you guys, what would YOU do with $1 billion dollars???

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Authors: (Picture 1: Hollywood) Sörn

(Picture 2: Paris) Benh LIEU SONG,

(Picture 3: Miami) Brian W. Schaller,

(Picture 4: Mexico) Bill Fauth,

(Picture 5: San Francisco) Urban (talk | contribs),

(Picture 6: Disney World) Cuauh34.


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Nightmare At School

I went to see a video called Nightmare At School. Its a video with characters who don’t talk, and its about a boy who is scared of school. Here would be what I think about this video:

-In this video, we see that the boy is scared to do a presentation in front of the class. He is scared to do it because during all the video, he was running around, confused, trying to escape. And then, at the end, it was his turn to present, and we see his friend encouraging him. Then, he presents and feels happy about it at the end. He was maybe just very nervous. The boy is also afraid of the principle. Because during the video, the boy was being chased by someone who looked like the chef of the building. Also, I realized that when the little boy goes into the “chef’s office”, and when he sees the pictures of the kids (his friends) who got older, and graduated, and when he sees himself, he discovers that he didn’t change. He stayed the same. He’s the only one who stayed as a kid, which means he never graduated, another one of his fears. And when he sees that everybody has grown older, and that the principle is playing violin, and then flying to the sky, that maybe means that the principle dies at this time.



Some things that are not normal in this video, would be the stairs. It looks like there are millions of floors in this building, almost never ending. The stairs criss-cross each other, and go in every directions. Even upside down! Another thing that would be weird is the train. At the beginning, when the boy goes to school by train. First of all, we usually (it depends) don’t go to school by train. Second of all, the train is made out of houses. Each wagon is a house that contains an individual kid. And when the train arrives to school, the doors of the houses open automatically like a normal train. Another thing would be when the boy is doing his presentation. He’s like flying in the classroom. And I discovered that one of his friends likes cars, and the other one likes animals. And the boy himself likes science. I also discovered that when the principle is playing violin, he is playing the same music that wakes up the boy at the end. And we see a clock next to it that indicates 8:01. Maybe the boy’s usual time to wake up for school is 8:00. So what happened is that the boy was dreaming, then he heard his clock ring (that is when the  principle playing violin) stopped his clock, continued dreaming. And when you hear the violin song a second time, that is where his clock rings again, and the boy wakes up for real. His clock indicates 8:21, he is late for school. Another proof that he’s late for school: we see his friends outside, already ready for school, waiting for him. Also, we see that the two friends at the end, were in his dream. Another thing that would be weird: in a part of his dream, the boy is very tiny. He is so small that the people are like giants for him. But then, just like that, he changes into his usual size. Weird.

Movie : Catherine Arcand in 2007

Click Here if you would be interested into seeing the video.

Photo Credit: Google Images


This post will be different from the others, very long! I will start talking about a subject, then another subject that relates to the first one… And so. So lets get started with:

Eclipse, the 2 year old Labrador that hops on the city bus alone, to go to the dog park!

I found this article on Dogo News. I found it pretty interesting. It talks about a dog and his master, Jeff. Since Eclipse was young, Jeff always brought him to the dog park by the city bus at the bus stop not far from his house. Eclipse kind of got used to it, so not long ago, people spotted her (Eclipse) sitting in the city bus, alone, without her master. She was sitting beside the window, and when the city bus stopped at the dog park, Eclipse got out of the bus. Pretty clever eh?? This has been going on for a couple of weeks. Eclipse now got used to it, so now almost every day, people spot her sitting at her usual spot, next to the window. Weird, but true.

Now, the second subject will be about the Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park is one of the largest, oldest, and one of the best known parks in the United States. It covers an area of 3,472 square miles (8,992 square km), and 63 miles (101 km) from north to south and 54 miles (87 km) from east to west. This park was established by the U.S. Congress on March 1, 1872, as the country’s and the world’s first national park.

My third subject will be about Environment





My Legs

My Legs

 With my legs…

I can swim and longboard,

I can jump off the diving board,

I can run and look at the blue sky,

I can jump really high,

Without my legs, life wouldn’t be as fun,

Because I wouldn’t be able to swim,

Longboard, jump, and run